Darwin’s Game, Season 2: Release information.

Darwin's Game

Darwin’s Game, Season 2: Release information.

Darwin's Game
June 30, 2023

1. Release date 

There is no reliable information about when the Darwin 2 game will continue. Only assumptions are known that the first series will be released on 07/01/2024


💥2. Plot

 A young man is passionate about motorcycles and is looking for a way to earn money for his first motorcycle. One day he receives an SMS with an invitation to take part in a new game. In it, gamers earn points, which can then be exchanged for real money. For Kaname, this is a good way to fulfill a dream. Without thinking about the consequences, Kaname registers himself and enters the computer world. There would be nothing extraordinary in it if the guy had not been bitten by a real snake right there, so then everything becomes even more interesting. You have to fight the first enemy. It’s someone in a panda costume armed with a knife. Suddenly, the hero realized that if his opponent killed him in the game, he would die while still alive.

💖3. Key characters

Kaname is a high school student who became a participant in the death game. Karino Shuka is another member of the dangerous show. Assistant to the main character.

 Rain is a girl who knows how to get information about any player.

Sui is the most modest heroine of the show. It is distinguished by mercy and compassion, has a split personality.

4.General opinion

I started on health, so only until episode 6, and then some nonsense went on, but it feels like a piece of the plot was gone. spoiler put in a police platoon to save the puffball (why didn’t the fat man pass out from the snake?), then clean (to death) the territory from the players and try morally in between, well, this is a so-so move. In general, the first half is solid 8.5 and the second 3, and then only because of the drawing and somewhere the music slipped quite well. Too bad they ruined a good title. And the abilities were given to the players – someone is a walking imba (who may suddenly have a secret weapon), and someone is a “walking lie detector”, which makes quarrels even more miserable.


Darwin’s game has potential, thus its fans, but the Japanese authorship of the manga FLIP FLOPs has no desire to do so yet, but there is hope for those who can offer a sequel.


‘Release date’                                                                                                            


‘Key characters                                                                                                      

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                                                Ending and Opening

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