“Link Click” Reveals Opening & Ending Themes for Season 2

July 11, 2023

With the premiere of Link Click season two getting closer, the opening song “VORTEX” and ending song “THE TIDES” for the upcoming donghua have recently been revealed.

For the opening theme “VORTEX,” the production crew have teamed up again with The Jaws (白鲨JAWS) who sung season one’s catchy and stylish tune “Dive Back In Time.” But in contrast to season one’s laid-back OP and its cool tutting movements, “VORTEX” opts for a distraught atmosphere. Paired with the stunning visuals, the OP adds even more excitement for the show. The fact that the ending melody is actually played in reverse makes the piece even more impressive.


As for the ending sequence, The Jaws make another appearance and are joined by Fan Ka (饭卡) who participated in season one’s gripping ED “OverThink.” While the ED for season one kept viewers in suspense, “THE TIDES” feels more unsettling with a lone doorbell to set the mood.


Link Click is an original mystery/supernatural donghua produced by Studio LAN and Haoliners Animation League. Season two of the series is scheduled to start airing on July 14 and will be available to stream on Bilibili and Crunchyroll.

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