Rosmei Licenses “Liu Yao” & 3 More Danmei Novels

July 19, 2023

Rosmei, an indie publishing company based in Singapore, recently unveiled four danmei web novels on July 14 which they plan to print in English sometime in the near future.

The first title to be revealed was Liu Yao by Priest, author behind the hit novels Faraway Wanderers and Stars of Chaos: Sha Po Lang. Set in a quasi-historical world, this xianxia story tells the journey of a cultivator named Cheng Qian and his four martial siblings as they attempt to revive their declining sect. In the video Rosmei posted on Twitter, a few quotes from the novel and potential artwork to be included in the publication can be seen:

Subsequently, the other titles were revealed through short animated clips:

All three works fall under the ‘unlimited flow’ genre where characters are often drawn into spaces detached from the real world to do missions like puzzles and survival games.

The Earth is Online by Mo Chen Huan (莫晨欢) is a sci-fi story that follows the protagonist Tang Mo as he and the rest of humanity are essentially forced to play a series of strategy games made by the mysterious Black Tower in order to survive.

Kaleidoscope of Death by Xī Zǐxù (西子绪) is a horror novel with supernatural elements. The story focuses on the main characters Lin Qiushi and Ruan Nanzhu who are pulled into mysterious worlds within doors. They must find ways to pass through 12 total doors and if they die inside the doors, they also die in the real world.

Global Examination by Mu Su Li (木苏里) is a mystery story that features a set of exams called the Global Examination. The unfortunate exam takers are forced to take each exam while following the system’s absurd rules. And though the examinees’ lives are at stake, You Huo seems to have no qualms about breaking the system’s rules and finds himself on a road to destroy this deadly system.

The first volume of Liu Yao is expected to be released in 2024 while no dates for The Earth is Online, Kaleidoscope of Death, and Global Examination have been announced yet.

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