Seven Seas Entertainment Announces Several Licenses for Mangas, Danmei Novels, & More

July 16, 2023

Recently on July 12, Seven Seas Entertainment announced several license acquisitions including new additions to their Airship, Steamship, and Danmei imprints. The lineup and details for each title are as follows:


Kimi to Shiranai Natsu ni Naru

Manga by Keyyang

Haru and Hii-chan are two young women in college buckling under the weight of adult responsibilities. Getting into university, then job hunting, then preparing for careers after graduation–it’s what they’re expected to do, because that’s what “everyone” does, but what do they really want for themselves? Finally, Haru and Hii-chan decide to take life into their own hands, toss their resumes into the sea, and move to an island together! They soon find that island living isn’t all blue skies and breezing through sunny days…but whatever the future holds, they can face it together.


Mysterious Disappearances

Manga by Nujima

Ogawa Sumireko is a busty bookstore clerk who wants to become a novelist after some writing success in her youth. When strange occurrences start cropping up around the city, she teams up with her flirtatious co-worker Adashino Ren to look into them. But Ren is hiding a secret of his own! With their combined skills of occult knowledge, what will they discover as they investigate?


Before You Discard Me, I Shall Have My Way With You

Manga by Takako Midori, Seren, and Mami Surada

Agnès is engaged to the crown prince, but much to her dismay, he declares that their engagement is off. Since the prince will not return her love, Agnès decides that she must do what is necessary to protect her family and herself. She commits an unfathomable act, but surprisingly, the prince becomes fixated on her! Will this couple get another chance at love? Or will their stubbornness get in the way?


BL First Crush Anthology: Five Seconds Before We Fall in Love

Manga by Various Creators

Whether between best friends, co-workers, classmates, or otherwise, this is a montage of the moments where sparks begin to fly. This manga collection features twenty-nine short Boys’ Love stories from a variety of hit manga artists, including the creators of BL Metamorphosis, Manly Appetites, and more!


Trapped in a Dating Sim: The World of That Otome Game is Tough for Us

Light Novel by Yomu Mishima, Tooi Moge, and Monda

Office worker Leon is reincarnated into a dating sim video game, where women reign supreme and only beautiful men have a seat at the table. But Leon has a secret weapon: he remembers everything from his past life, which includes a complete playthrough of the very game in which he is now trapped. In this alternate universe twist on the hilarious light novels, Leon makes different choices when he runs into the character “Marie.” What new future awaits them both?


True Love Fades Away When the Contract Ends

Manga & Light Novel by Kosuzu Kobato, Fumi Takamura, and Murasaki Shido

Fiona was born into a noble family, but she eschews a typical noblewoman’s life in favor of working. Unfortunately, the social pressures of her status are not so easily ignored. She learns that talks are underway to arrange a marriage for her…whether she likes it or not. If Fiona gets married, she’ll be expected to quit her job and give up her independent lifestyle. As she tries to figure out how to get out of this situation, she meets Giles, a nobleman who also wants to stay single. Together, they hatch a scheme to achieve their common goal of avoiding marriage: pretend to be destined lovers!


Punch Drunk Love


Seon-woo is a pretty unassuming office worker, but he’s got a hardcore fetish: he wants some BDSM love from another man who’s willing to dominate. Enter his new co-worker, Tae-moon. Tae-moon is really hot, and based on a little snooping, he might be into men–and he’s showing signs of being a dom, to boot! Trying to start a sexy relationship at work can be rough, but Seon-woo likes it rough, so game on.


You’ve Got Mail: The Perils of Pigeon Post

Novel by Blackegg

In the Xia dynasty of ancient China, a secret club was established for gay men to meet and hopefully find a lifelong lover: the Peng Society for Gentlemen. A man could provide a self-portrait, some personal information, and a mailing address (along with a subscription fee) to be listed in The Pengornisseur, a discreet monthly publication mailed to subscribers via pigeon post.

Wu Xingzi is a gay government official without money, status, or hope. Thoroughly miserable, he decides to end his life on his 40th birthday, but he has one last goal: to lose his virginity. He puts his life savings toward a subscription to the Peng Society for Gentlemen in the hope that it will direct him into the arms of another man before he dies. But paying for admittance to this special club gives Wu Xingzi more than he bargained for!


The Disabled Tyrant’s Beloved Pet Fish

Novel by Xue Shan Fei Hu

After Li Yu stays up all night to read an engrossing webnovel, he finally falls asleep–only to wake up in the world of the novel itself. And not as himself, but as a helpless fish! Shocked and dismayed, Li Yu quickly realizes that he must live in a tank owned by Mu Tianchi, the tyrant of the novel who never speaks. Whatever force brought Li Yu into this world warns him that there’s only one way to become human again: to win over the cold Mu Tianchi and change his harsh ways. But Li Yu has no idea how to do that, especially as a powerless, palm-sized carp. Can a little fish really swim its way into a tyrant’s heart?



Novel by Meng Xi Shi (author of Thousand Autumns)

One dark and snowy night, after the Sui dynasty has come into power, a convoy sent by the Kingdom of Khotan is ambushed and massacred. Not a living victim remains–and the attackers, along with a chest holding precious treasure in tribute, have vanished.

A member of Emperor Yang Jian’s secret intelligence agency, the Jiejian Bureau, pursues the case: the highly successful chief Feng Xiao. Feng Xiao’s investigations take him to Liugong City, where all the top martial powers across the land are coming to meet. But another intelligence agency, the Zuoyue Bureau, has business in the same city–and they have sent Cui Buqu, an ailing but brilliant man who rivals Feng Xiao. These two equally proud men immediately clash and begin a battle of wits, only to hit a dead end on the increasingly cold case. Is the answer to this mystery out of reach, or can Feng Xiao and Cui Buqu find a way to the truth?


(Source: Seven Seas Entertainment. Images via Seven Seas Entertainment.)

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