Alandal: A New Contender in Web Novel and Webtoon Localization

Explore Alandal, a new startup specializing in localizing Asian web novels & webtoons, the costs of production, who's the owner, and its impact on the market.
July 2, 2023

What Is Alandal

Without any prerequisites, this evening, an aggressive wave of advertising campaigns was launched all over web novels and webtoon-related websites. To people’s surprise, it was dedicated to a new player who has emerged in the fast-developing webtoons and web novels market.

Alandal, is a start-up that aims to bridge the gap between Korean and Chinese content and the English-speaking audience. With a mission to spread the joy of Asian content through high-quality translations, Alandal is setting its sights on becoming a go-to platform for web novels and webtoons enthusiasts.

Alandal’s Team

Leading Alandal’s team is Chief Executive Officer Faadi T. The company is based in the United Arab Emirates and has garnered a team of dedicated professionals focusing on content “licensed to Alandal by Korean publishers or produced by Alandal and then served on our platform.”  Given that without any prior public background, Alandal acquired a license for Korean webtoons, tells a lot about significant strides in establishing relationships with foreign content creators and industries standing behind them in the entertainment sector.

*Unfortunately, at the moment of the article’s publication, our team couldn’t find more information about the chief executive and team members who are leading the project; however, we will keep trying and update the page as we get new information.

Alandal webtoon, web novel about section

Official Letter from Alandal’s discord server

The Price & The Gain

Meanwhile, the financial details and investment details of Alandal remain private from the public; the company is expected to have made considerable expenditures in the acquisitions and development, branding, and partnership establishment.

Alandal’s future profitability and scalability would largely depend on the reception of its content by the English-speaking audience and the relationships it established with content creators for “production and publication” on the platform. It’s also important to note that partnerships with established Korean Studios would be crucial in determining the company’s success and future vector of growth!

*We spoke with a few independent studios, one of which was Raf_Milk, which brought us a wonderful Webtoon, “Sansara Law.” According to the whom, an approximate expense to hire an independent studio like them to mass produce a project with the frequency of one chapter per week would have estimated between 500 to 1000 dollars a chapter(we will take $750 as an average). On Alandal’s platform, you can find three projects they produced with several chapters equal to ten. 

Now we need to estimate the approximate worth of license acquisition per webtoon & web novel from Korean Studios. Here things are getting a bit spicy as, according to our research, it can vary widely based on the project’s studio and popularity; however, new studios with their debut projects, on average, ask for 10’000 dollars per localization along with possible per chapter expense and royalty.

At the moment of publication, you can find on Alandal’s platform three webtoons and seven web novels if we exclude translation expenses along with others. We are left with an approximate estimate of 92’500 dollars in expenses for production and license acquisition, minimume. 



Impact On The Market

It is early to speak about this since the launch hasn’t even passed 24 hours. However, given the advertisement campaign and early consumer feedback, Alandal’s entry into the market, in the long run, could pose a challenge to established platforms such as Tapas, Webtoon, and Tapatoon. These platforms have had a head start in localizing and distributing Asian content. However, Alandal’s focus on high-quality translations, fast delivery in huge quantities, and its strategic location in the United Arab Emirates could give it a unique edge. The UAE, known as a hub for international business, could provide Alandal with valuable networking opportunities and access to markets that may be less accessible to competitors.

*As of now, all we are left with is to wait and see how it will unfold!

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