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“KamiErabi GOD.app” Releases New Character Illustrations

June 28, 2023

Updated July 1:

KamiErabi GOD.app has released four more intriguing visuals for characters Chika Nojima, Koki Ama, Iyo Futana, and Mitsuko Okino as they wrap up their promotional campaign.

Original Article:

From June 25, the upcoming anime series KamiErabi GOD.app has announced the release of new character illustrations every day until July 1.

On the first day of the campaign (June 25), the character visual for protagonist Goro Ono was unveiled. Subsequently, Honoka Sawa’s and Yutaka Akitsu’s illustrations were released on June 26 and 27, respectively.


KamiErabi GOD.app is an original anime created by Yoko Taro, director of the NieR franchise. The series will be directed by Hiroyuki Seshita, written by Jin (Kagerou Project), and use character designs by Atsushi Ohkubo (Soul Eater, Fire Force).

It is scheduled to start airing in October 2023 and will be available to stream worldwide on Crunchyroll.

(Sources: KamiErabi GOD.app Official Website. Crunchyroll.)

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