Tapas Reveals 7 New Titles Including “My Precious Little Villains” & “The Infinite Mage”

June 28, 2023

On June 25, Tapas revealed seven new webtoon titles that will all arrive this week. The lineup includes:


Sleeping on the Job

When Aria goes out to celebrate her new job, she doesn’t expect to go home with anyone— especially not Jack Lee, the hottie who turns out to be her new boss. As if work couldn’t be anymore awkward, Aria finds out sleeping together is the only thing that’s helped Jack’s insomnia. Jack proposes a side hustle she can’t turn down: sleep beside him, and in turn, make bank. As they try to keep their agreement a secret, what began as a business starts to feel more personal. Can they keep it professional between the sheets? Or is it only a matter of time before sleeping together turns into SLEEPING TOGETHER?


My Precious Little Villains - Thumbnail

My Precious Little Villains

I don’t know how it happened, but I was reborn into a novel as Hannah, the caregiver and teacher at the temple’s orphanage. To make matters worse, the children I care for — Mika, Jeremy, and Ian — will become my murderers and the villains of this novel. In order to survive, I attempted to escape, but these cute little rascals couldn’t bear to see me leave. Since they are still young, maybe I can raise them to become good people instead of bad ones. How hard could it be to raise a few villains?


The Maxed-out Player

After 20 grueling years of hellish training, Juhyuk’s stats are maxed-out, and he is ready to venture out into Olympus, a virtual reality game. His master’s last dying wish is for Juhyuk to be the Ultimate Evil, the most powerful in Olympus. But when he steps out of the tutorial area, every player tries to kill him, and the game forces him to start over from Level 1! With these setbacks, Juhyuk will need all the help he can get to complete his SSS-rank quest and become the next Ultimate Evil.


The Villainess’s Princely Predicament

Countess Edwith was destined to be executed for stealing Prince Linus’ magical heart and selling it. That is, before I became the villainess herself! To avoid getting killed, I set off to search for the heart’s whereabouts, only to end up stumbling upon a half-dead Linus! Getting involved with the heartless male lead is the last thing I want, but what can a girl do when her survival depends on it? Besides, it shouldn’t be that hard to convince Linus that I’m not as evil as he thinks… right?


The Infinite Mage

After Sirone was abandoned in a stable, he was found by a family of hunters and raised in a loving home. Despite the hardships of the peasant life, he learned how to read from a young age and became obsessed with books, especially ones on the history of magic. One day, he has an unlikely encounter with a mage and learns how to enter the “spirit zone,” the first step to learning how to use magic. Although they say only nobles can be mages, will Sirone be able to prove his infinite potential?


Babysitting the Male Lead

Rosetta Kazel is enjoying her life as the villainess of a novel, until she’s given a silver wolf to be her new pet. Rosetta knows this is none other than the cursed male lead of the novel, Prince Sihael von Idris, who’s become stuck in his wolf form! To follow the novel, all Rosetta has to do is look after the wolf prince until the female lead can show up. But what if events have changed so much from the novel that she never turns up? How long will Rosetta be stuck caring for this unruly pup?


Bitter Sweet Sweet Darling

Shiwoo Jeong is trying to catch his big break when everything falls apart. He gets accused of stalking a star actor and is blacklisted by his high school crush, Taerim Han, who now runs a successful acting agency. Taerim decides to follow up on the disgraced actor only to realize Shiwoo’s life is in shambles. He takes Shiwoo in to set him straight, but discovers that there may be more to this talentless hack. Can Taerim add such a risk to his agency’s roster and make something of Shiwoo while his romantic feelings resurface?


Additionally, Tapas announced that Solitary Lady will return from hiatus on June 28. Tale of the Floating Sages, This Wolf Won’t Bite, and The Little Landlady will also come back with new seasons/special chapters.

(Source: Tapas. Tapas Official Twitter. Images via Tapas, KakaoPage, Ridibooks.)

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